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World's second largest diamond fails to sell

World’s second largest diamond fails to sell

Jewelry | 28, Jul 2016

The world’s second biggest diamond is also a big disappointment on the auction block. Sotheby’s failed to find a buyer for the 1,109 carat uncut stone, dubbed the Lesedi La Rona, which had been expected to fetch at least $70 million. Although there were some bidders at the Wednesday evening auction in London, none of them met […]

Limited Edition Creepy Crawly Diamond Metamorphosis Sideboard1

Limited Edition Creepy Crawly Diamond Metamorphosis Sideboard

Bespoke | 27, Jul 2016

Minimalist décor may be all the rage, but it arguably veers quite a bit on the safe side. If extravagant, busy interiors and complex architecture isn’t quite your thing, but you want something a little out of the ordinary, this newly reinvented sideboard from Boca do Lobo Metamorphosis strikes a cool balance with its subtle […]

Party Popping Champaign Gun

Party Popping Champaign Gun

Bespoke | 26, Jul 2016

Since elegantly popping champaign corks and sometimes suffering a little foamy overflow is no longer in style, you should simply tip the whole bottle out – with a big party popper. We’re talking about the champaign gun, a self-proclaimed first ever in the world, taking a water gun fight to a whole new level as you can […]

Metamorphosis in Mechanical Entomology Collection3

Metamorphosis in Mechanical Entomology Collection

Bespoke | 25, Jul 2016

Metamorphosis in Mechanical Entomology Collection is traveling from spectacular butterflies and gleaming beetles, to stunning scorpions and spellbinding spiders, the typical creepy crawlies  have taken a rather beautiful turn, unravelling in a fascinating collection. “Mechanical Entomology” is a careful creation of four talented artists, all from across the Atlanticm, who met halfway with their sculptural […]

Mercedes Posh Luxury Golf Cart

Mercedes:Posh Luxury Golf Cart

Bespoke | 22, Jul 2016

Soon you could be zipping between holes at your favorite golf course in the fine line leather seats of a Mercedes-Benz golf cart. The German luxury automaker just revealed the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car which, it said, translates the Mercedes-Benz ideal of “sensual purity,” to an electric golf cart. While Mercedes designed the […]

Best Fine Dining Airport Restaurant in 2016 1

Best Fine Dining Airport Restaurant in 2016

Bespoke | 21, Jul 2016

One can sample some of the finest French fare, it seems, without leaving the confines of Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. “I Love Paris”, named the best fine dining airport restaurant of 2016, was picked at the Airport Food and Beverage Conference and Awards in Geneva. See also:ALAIN DUCASSE OPENS ‘ORE’ VERSAILLES PALACE Owned by […]

Extreme Extravagance-18k Solid Gold Chess Set

Extreme Extravagance: 18k Solid Gold Chess Set

Bespoke | 20, Jul 2016

The House of Solid Gold offers to you this unprecedented extremely precious one of a kind solid 18K gold and diamond “Royal Chess Set”.  This 18K solid yellow and white gold Chess Set masterpiece is lavishly accented with fancy black and yellow-golden diamonds. See also:THE BEST OF PRIVATE COLLECTION: THE MILLIONAIRE LUXURY SAFE  This is […]

Ladies Gourmet Night in kaleidoscopic ambiance1

Ladies Gourmet Night in kaleidoscopic ambiance

Bespoke | 19, Jul 2016

You’d probably know Mitzo Restaurant & Bar for its progressive Cantonese fare and artisanal cocktails, but this one is something new. With the new Ladies Gourmet Night, ladies can now enjoy trippy tipples alongside some excellent Cantonese cuisine every Thursday at the restaurant and bar, complete with a kaleidoscopic ambiance and a sophisticated vibe. After all, ladies […]

The best of Private-The Millionaire Luxury Safe3

The best of Private Collection: The Millionaire Luxury Safe

Bespoke | 19, Jul 2016

The Millionaire Luxury Safe from Private Collection may be unmistakably beautiful, but its purposefully flawed nature offers not just an artistic projection, but a reference to the safe’s inherently impenetrable nature; its dented top signifies the many unsuccessful vault robbery attempts during the California Gold Rush, an era that marked the feverish ambitions of the famous […]

MIRIHI as unique as you are5

MIRIHI as unique as you are

Bespoke | 15, Jul 2016

Arrive. Let go. Enjoy. The Mirihi Island Resort is surrounded by complete tranquillity and absolute beauty, a place that conveys its visitors to another dimension. Stepping onto the charming Maldives island in South Ari Atoll is like entering a Garden of Eden. My toes dig deep into the snow-white coral sand as I listen to […]