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Bespoke Model Created in Partnership with Legendary Harrods

Bespoke | 25, Oct 2016

British auto manufacturer Caterham partnered with London luxury department store Harrods in creating a special edition of its Seven sports car to mark the launch of Caterham Signature, the company’s first formalized personalization service. Powered by a Ford Duratec 1999cc engine, the bespoke edition—known as the Harrods Caterham—is based on Caterham’s Seven 420R, which boasts a top speed of 136 […]


The best of Cigars- Gurkha Black Dragon

Wine & Cigars | 25, Oct 2016

Today Luxurysafes will talk about exclusive and quite expensive pleasure- cigars. It is widely known that the best cigars come from the motherland of Rom Cuba, but the cigars which we will talk today have dfferent place of issue.  Few cigars can match the caliber of Gurkha Black Dragon handmade cigars. Considered to be some of the […]


Luxury Travel Trends in 2016

Bespoke | 24, Oct 2016

Luxurysafes blog will talk about luxury travel trends that are possible to track into 2016. As the term “luxury travel” continues to be defined and transformed, Luxurysafes presents the latest trends, innovations and topics in high-end travel experiences for the affluent consumer. Luxury travel is about more than sipping martinis beside the pool, it’s the essence […]


The Red Hot Gemstone- Fire Opal

Jewelry | 24, Oct 2016

Luxurysafes blog will talk today about very rare and seductive gemstone- Fire Opal. With their unapologetically fiery glow, Mexican fire opals bask in the spotlight whenever they are set into a piece of jewellery. Literally born out of fire, the orangey red gemstone was formed millions of years ago when water seeped into the silica, deposited […]


New state of the art watch winder

Luxury Safes | 10, Oct 2016

Luxurysafes blog discover more information on watch winder. It was mentioned that every serious watch collector always in the stream of the best watch winder technologies avaliable on the market. And the definate choise will be Buben & Zorweg. The German luxury brand, foded almost 20 years ago, is at the top of its game for quite […]


Completely custom-made safes from SLS Security

Luxury Safes | 07, Oct 2016

Luxurysafes blog will talk today about completely custom-made safes from SLS Security. Security Lock Safe Company LTD was still a new safe manufacturer when it was bought by The Wormald group in 1972. SLS became a leader in safe brands within a few short years. In 1984, SMP Security Ltd wanted to expand into manufacture […]


Bell & Ross returns to the sea

Timepieces | 06, Oct 2016

Luxurysafes blog will talk about Bell & Ross returns to the sea, luxury watch brand have  creative idea go back to the roots and  return to the see. Lets start from begining to understand the new concept of this brand. Bell & Ross is known for its close ties with the military, which it uses as […]

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The 10 Most Luxurious Jewelry Brands Of All Times

Jewelry | 05, Oct 2016

Luxurysafes blog will talk about expensive jewelry brands, what is more interestying not just expensive but also about the most luxurious jewelry brands. So lets see which companies are among the most elite and luxurious brands of the world! 10. Chopard Luxury Swiss watch maker and jeweler, Chopard believes in using only the finest materials […]


Bentley and their outrageous crossover Bentayga

Bespoke | 04, Oct 2016

Today Luxurysafes blog will discover more facts about beautifull creation of Bentley´s company- new model Bentayga, which broadens the limits of luxury perception and begins the new era. Bentley’s remarkable and imposing SUV takes the segment to a new level. Bentayga has been conceived and crafted to open up a realm of luxury and performance […]


Hennessy Releases Its Most Monumental Cognac

Wine & Cigars | 03, Oct 2016

Luxurysafes blog will talk today about most monumental cognac of Hennessy family and will justify this name. Hennessy 8’s blend is created by master blender Yann Filloux, who is the seventh genration of this iconic servant for Henessy family. The history of this house has began in 1800, when James Hennessy has hired Jean Filloux […]