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The exciting world of shoes, an industry that is evolving day after day, year after year. An exciting world with a lot of new designs and new ways of conecting to the new world. Brands such as Gucci, Armani and others are a few brands that design and developes the most amazing designs. A status are what this brands pass, something unique something that not anybody can have. Would you had the power to have something like this?

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Stuart Weitzman’s “Ruby Slippers” represent a distinct pair of shoes that has 642 Burmese rubies and about one pound of platinum. But, due to the red satin, these shoes are as elegant as they can get. They were first seen on display at the luxurious Harrods, in London, in 2003. A couple of years later they were sold to an anonymous bidder, for no more than $1.600.000.

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The name of this pair of shoes comes from the fact that they have 185 carats of blue tanzanite gemstones. Moreover, Stuart Weitzman’s “Tanzanite Heels” are adorned with 28-carat diamonds, which take the price tag of these beauties to a massive $2.000.000.

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Stuart Weitzman’s “Cinderella Slippers” were worn in 2004 by Alison Krauss, at that year’s Academy Awards. These shoes are truly marvelous and have 565 diamonds which were provided by the Kwiat jewelry giant. Stuart Weitzman’s “Cinderella Slippers” represent an incredible piece of artwork.

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Rita Hayworth was one of the best actresses and singers that this world had. With such a reputation to keep, she ordered a pair of shoes to maintain the headlights over her head. Stuart Weitzman’s “Rita Hayworth” Heels are an impressive pair of shoes that were elegantly and divinely worn by Rita Hayworth. Nonetheless, her daughter inherited her fortune and Stuart Weitzman’s “Rita Hayworth” Heels are currently being used as a decoration item in her daughter’s house.

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Stuart Weitzman is, without a doubt, one of the best shoe designers in the world. These shoes were designed in a style popular in the 1940’s and they’re worth $1.000.000. Diablo Cody, a famous writer from Hollywood, wore them on the Oscar’s Red Carpet in 2008. Nonetheless, these shoes, adorned with 1.800 diamonds, have the ability to catch the eye due to their beauty and elegance.

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