The New Chanel nº5

Fragrances | 28, Feb 2017

Created by Gabrielle Chanel in 1921 to be the ultimate symbol of luxurious simplicity, The New Chanel nº5  has since become more than a fragrance. It is an olfactory heritage: an idea of femininity, a masterpiece of chic, passed on from generation to generation. Also See: Top 10 Most Expensive Handbags Now, in 2016, it […]

Joe Malone Luxury Perfumes Tea Scents Collection

New Luxury Perfume Collection by Joe Malone

Fragrances | 06, Apr 2016

Jo Malone’s fragrances are taking a gourmet turn. After a verdant Herb Garden collection, the luxury brand is debuting a fresh new line of luxury perfumes inspired by teas of the Orient. Unlike Jo Malone’s existing fragrances, which are often a combination of scents and ingredients, the range will include six single scent perfumes — silver […]

World’s Most Expensive Perfume Collection

Fragrances | 11, Feb 2016

The Royalé Dream perfume collection is the world’s most expensive luxury perfume collection ever created and it is a creation of the World of Diamonds, one of the world’s largest privately held diamond corporations, in partnership with Cuarzo The Circle, one of the Spanish best perfume brands. The Royalé Dream luxury perfume collection is a set […]

Christian Lacroix at Maison & Objet

Maison et Objet: Christian Lacroix new amazing scented candles

Fragrances | 17, Dec 2015

Welton London is pleased to introduce you to the new scented candles collection signed by Christian Lacroix Maison, exclusively at Maison & Objet 2016 coming next January 22-26. The House of Christian Lacroix and its artistic director Sacha Walckhoff have chosen to collaborate with John-Paul Welton to create fragrances inspired by the spirit of the […]

Ashleigh & Burwood at Maison et Objet 2016

Maison et Objet 2016: fragrances by ASHLEIGH AND BURWOOD LIMITED

Fragrances | 16, Dec 2015

Maison et Objet 2016 is right around the corner and Ashleigh and Burwood will be one of the exhibitors of this furniture and lifestyle tradeshow. Originated from Walton-on-Thames in the South of England in 1993, Ashleigh and Burwood is a specialist home fragrance company. They design and produce contemporary and classic home fragrance products under […]

Norell New York by Baccarat Parfum

Norell and Baccarat together for an Exclusive Fragance Masterpiece

Fragrances | 24, Nov 2015

New York’s acclaimed fragrance house, Norell, in collaboration with French crystal house Baccarat created a stunning and exclusive fragance masterpiece – Norell New York by Baccarat Parfum – that will for sure, become unforgettable. This new fragance masterpiece is worth $1,500 and is part of an exclusive collection with 500 pieces only, that were created to become a fashion statement. Norell […]


Best Exclusive Perfume to offer this Christmas

Fragrances | 16, Nov 2015

Every woman loves to receive an exclusive perfume… And now that Christmas is arriving, it is the perfect time to offer one to your powerful woman. If a woman already loves to receive a perfume, now imagine if she receives a Coffret of one of the best perfume brands together with exclusive products, that will […]

Yves Saint Laurent New Fragrance

Fragrances | 26, Oct 2015

The french haute couture and luxury house Yves Saint Laurent presents a new fragrance range. It is called “Le Vestiaire des Parfums”. The different fragrance has a cloth name: Tuxedo, Caban, Saharienne, Trench, Caftan… The range is an olfactory reinterpretation of Yves Saint Laurent’s cult wardrobe pieces. All the perfumes have a unique masculine element […]