10 Luxury Airlines in the World

Jets | 26, Jul 2017

One of the best parts about having expendable money has to be flying in style, in luxury airlines with fully reclining seats, champagne, gourmet food… Quality and personalized service on board are possible when you travel in this airlines. Committed to luxury for the long haul, the following airlines have taken off in popularity, thanks […]

Sneak Peak: Inside the 5 most luxurious private jets

Jets | 17, Apr 2017

When it comes to flying, there are lots of means to travel in style if you’re in first class. But let’s face it: Nothing knocks having a private jet. We can’t all be billionaires and hold the perks of our own private plane, but we can visualize. And these photos make dreaming much easy. Here’s a look […]

The Most Amazing Private Jets

Jets | 13, Apr 2017

Some private jets are very huge, and another are modest, but they are all very luxurious and could pass as a house if they wanted to. Overall, there are numerous of comfortable, private jets that have been built. The list that we will see will single out the top more luxurious and pricey, privately owned […]

The world utmost luxury private jet

Are we looking to the world utmost luxury private jet?

Jets | 04, May 2016

The Gulfstream G650 has been a popular private jet that just received a revival, in the form of the ultra-luxurious G650ER. From amenities to performance, the private jet sails through record books and tells the tale of futuristic luxurious flying. The luxury private jet can fly eight passengers and four crew members across 8,600 miles […]

Luxury Airplane Legacy 500

Discover Jackie Chan’s New Private Jet

Jets | 18, Feb 2016

Famous martial arts movie star Jackie Chan’s got a swanky new private jet to trail the skies in – the Embraer Legacy 500, which was just delivered to him. Priced at $20 million, the luxurious jet is packed with creature comforts and Chan is the first Chinese customer to take delivery of one of these. He […]

Skyacht One Private Jet

Most Luxurious Private Jet

Jets | 11, Jan 2016

Have you ever imagined a Yacht that can fly? Now your imagination as came true. Here to change the way you think of air travel is Skyacht One. With a starting price of $83 million, the Skyacht One is officially the most luxurious private jet with a stunning yacht design. Embraer’s Flagship Lineage 1000E was […]

Modern Aircraft


Jets | 09, Dec 2015

Following founder and CEO David Loury vision, of improve private aviation flying experience, and revolutionise the aerospace market, The Cobalt Valkyrie Series, a San Francisco based aircraft manufacturer celebrating its 10th anniversary will offer a completely new type of aircraft. Let’s take a look at this beauty and let’s dream!  The Co50 Valkyrie and the Valkyrie-X are practically identical in […]

Mercedes-Benz VIP Jet Cabin

Jets | 02, Sep 2015

The design studio Mercedes-Benz Style has been working with the German completion design center Lufthansa Technik on an interior design for VIP jet. This interior design is completely different to “traditional” jet interiors. We can say it is like an S-Class, but better and in the sky. Indeed the concept aims to break down traditional […]