15 Engagement Ring Trends

Jewelry | 21, Apr 2017

Most ladies wear their engagement ring every day, which means they want it to represent their character. If you’re traditional, you know what to do. But for trendy women, jewelers are always combining new styles into their ring collections, and these are the greatest designs of the moment.   COLORFUL STONES Move over, diamonds. Colorful […]

TOP 10 Most Luxurious Jewelry Brands – Part 1

Jewelry | 15, Apr 2017

Jewelry is an item of everyday life that has a larger significance than many people realize. We use jewelry to add an extra dazzle to an outfit, whether it be in the form of a bracelet, earrings, cufflinks, or even a watch. These beautiful concoctions of rare gems and diamonds being held by high-quality gold, […]

10 Most Expensive Diamonds in The World

Jewelry | 12, Apr 2017

Since the dawn of times, people have always been attracted to beautiful, mystified and rare objects.  For thousand of years, most expensive diamonds become one of the most popular collections of the rich and the king. Diamond is one of the most wanted mining products. These diamonds are the most wanted one that almost all people […]

Top 10 Most Expensive Handbags

Jewelry | 28, Feb 2017

Purses, handbags, whatever you call them, these fashion items have become a common fixture for the modern women. They all comes in various brands, shapes, styles, and colors. Some are designed for high end fashion, while others are created to complement the urban chic. Whatever the case, many women don’t go out without their handbags […]

Dazzling Swarovski Crystal Classics

Jewelry | 16, Feb 2017

Swarovski a incredible brand founded in Austria,  Swarovski designs, creates, and markets high-quality crystal product collections such as jewelry, accessories, decorative items for the home, ornaments, and figurines. Swarovski has a global reach and showcases its sparkling crystal products via a network of own boutiques and retail partners, as well as the Swarovski website and […]

Lady Gaga in the new campaign for the Tiffany HardWear Jewelry Collection

Jewelry | 09, Feb 2017

Lady Gaga wasn’t just performing at halftime during this year’s Super Bowl. She also appears  in a brand-new ad campaign for Tiffany & Co., which was premiere during the big game itself. As the face of the iconic brand’s Legendary Style campaign, the vocal powerhouse  launched the new fashion jewellery collection called Tiffany HardWear. Also See: Fortress […]

Cabestan’s Triple Axis Tourbillon Full Sapphire Is a Work of Art

Jewelry | 07, Feb 2017

In 2015 Cabestan, lauched the incredible and majestic Triple Axis Tourbillon watch, the fastest-rotating triple-axis tourbillon watch in the world, a combination between technology and beauty. The watchmaker Eric Coudray made this watch inspiring himself in another fantastic model, Cabestan Triple Axis Tourbillon Full Sapphire, a incredible approach of a complex mechanism with a saphire case. Also See: Take a look inside […]

Top 9 Jewelry Pieces And Collections Unveiled In 2016

Jewelry | 30, Jan 2017

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, that’s why men always go that extra mile to surprise them with the most precious jewelry accessories that would compliment their beauty. But fine craftsmanship and an incredible attention to the finest details will always come with a higher cost, and today you’ll have the privilege to look at some of […]