The new Gold Jewelry Collection by VanLeles

Jewelry | 27, Jul 2017

This Autumn, Vania Leles will debut the Sahara Collection. This new line of 18-karat gold jewelry will help Women for Women International, an organization who helps women to have vital education and work opportunities in the West of Africa.   See also: Mikimoto – World Class Jewelry In 2011, before launching her luxury brand, Leles […]

Jewelry Design: Fresh Jewelry for Man

Jewelry | 25, Jul 2017

Actually, the accessories for men have expanded far beyond cufflinks and tie bars. The jewelry design for men going to be more and more sophisticated, with more details, for men with a sense of style who wants to show their luxury jewelry pieces. These five designers have been worked on their collection, experimenting new techniques with polished metals […]

The Most Expensive Diamonds in the World

Jewelry | 20, Jul 2017

Diamonds are one of the most precious stones in the world and, for thousand of years, they become part of the collection of kings and rich people. But, even now, diamonds are a synonym of a luxury lifestyle too. “Diamonds are the women best friends“, who have never heard this phrase? Diamonds are considered rares, beautiful, […]

Paris Couture Week: The most creative and colorful luxury jewelry

Jewelry | 19, Jul 2017

In Paris Couture Week some of the world’s best jewelers reveal their newest and most imaginative designs to international press and clients with a luxury lifestyle. It was a big opportunity for some jewelry brands to tell the story behind their creations. In this article, you are going to see amazing luxury jewelry, with a lot […]

10 Luxury Watch Brands You Need to Know

Jewelry | 10, Jul 2017

The best watches for men are from luxury watch brands, these brand wants to give more style to they clients, they want to put in their wrist the reflexion of their luxury lifestyle. Watches are an example of taste, individual character, and utility. In this article, you are going to see 10 famous watch brands […]

Mikimoto – World Class Jewelry

Jewelry | 05, Jul 2017

Mikimoto is a brand of jewelry for people with a luxury lifestyle who needs pearls and diamonds in they lives. Ans why pearls, something so uncommon? You need to know the history of Mikimoto because of the founder, Kokichi Mikimoto, successfully created the world’s first cultured pearls. Now isn’t just famous because of the pearls […]

Discover the best Luxury Watch Winders

Billionaire | 04, Jul 2017

When we buy a luxury watch we need something to protect it like the watch winders because this category of watches requires attention and maintenance to ensure it. A watch winder box is typically small and has a motor that is powered by a battery and with this piece, the wear of parts it’s more difficult to happen. In […]

Luxury Watches: Diesel Powerful Signature

Jewelry | 03, Jul 2017

A luxury watch it’s some very important for a man with a luxury lifestyle. Today we want to present some branded watches for men, in this case, by Diesel. This famous brand has a collection with the best watches for men, some more classics, others more casual, you can choose but all are luxury watches, perfects for […]