The Most Amazing Luxury Safes by Boca do Lobo

Luxury Safes | 03, May 2017

Every luxury home should have a safe to keep a person’s most valuable items and it should be as luxurious as the rest of the decoration. Boca do Lobo holds a collection of luxury safes that will protect your jewelry, as well as complete your decoration. Excellency in engineering and craftsmanship, allied with high-security functions, […]

Knox Luxury Safe – An Exquisite Design Piece

Luxury Safes | 11, Apr 2017

Knox luxury safe is a timeless and unique safe like no other designed by Boca do Lobo.  Boca do Lobo‘s design studio worked very hard to create an exquisite home safe that is not only fantastic to look at, but also very, very safe. Knox luxury safe shows the capabilities of the designers and artisans […]

The world’s most expensive safe by Karl Lagerfeld

Luxury Safes | 22, Feb 2017

Karl Lagerfeld is a German fashion designer, artist, and photographer based in Paris. He is the head designer and creative director of the fashion house Chanel as well as the Italian house Fendi and his own fashion label. A world known designer that has a talent so incredible that was asked to design this majestic […]

Phoenix Safe – The Luxury Safe by Stockinger

Luxury Safes | 15, Feb 2017

A Stockinger Safe is about more than maximum security and protection – it is about elegantly blending function and form with individuality and security at uncompromising levels of quality for our customers’ most valued belongings. An inimaginable class and beauty in just one piece. See Also: James Bond’s Skyfall 183-Foot Superyacht Imposing in any respect […]

Fortress Maximus – The Best of Luxury Safes by Dottling

Luxury Safes | 07, Feb 2017

Fortress Maximus concept is truly fantastic and that happens because there are two luxury safes in one. The upper section with its strong round doors is reminiscent of the legendary vaults found in American banks during the Prohibition era. The lower section is a high-tech, high-security safe with an incredibly versatile interior. Both are housed harmoniously […]

Maison Et Objet Paris: Exploring Agresti Safety Design

Luxury Safes | 22, Jan 2017

Maison et Objet Paris will deliver whatever you may think of in terms of interior design. A 360º product offering market that enables visitors to get in touch with the world’s top designers and design brands from all kinds of categories within a single space. A cozy and friendly experience for those who would like […]

Luxury Safes Brands You Can See at Maison et Objet Paris

Luxury Safes | 05, Jan 2017

Maison et Objet, one of the biggest design events worldwide is getting closer. If you´re looking for what to do in Paris, keep on top of evolving consumer trends, inspiring experiences, and brand offers, with the show that takes you into three major sections. MAISON is interior decoration. OBJET is concept and retail, while the […]

This Gorgeous Tabletop Humidor Is A Luxury Safe For Fine Cigars

Luxury Safes | 27, Dec 2016

Luxury Safes Blog brings you today an incredible masterpiece created by Döttling. The German maker of the world’s finest luxury safes, has finally answered the call for something slightly less imposing than $125,000 “fortress” for your valuables. Their new tabletop cigar humidor is designed along the same lines however and is the perfect refuge for […]