6 Luxury watches made of steel

Timepieces | 24, Apr 2017

Steel-clad complications are no less valuable than their equivalents in gold and platinum; they’ve simply skewed their value towards their movements and designs. In light of this, watchmakers have used to delivering steel watches at even greater value points than watches made of higher precious elements. If you’re curious in joining intriguingly precious timepieces made […]


Luxury Timepiece: Bulgari Octo Roma

Timepieces | 20, Apr 2017

For over a decade now, the Octo has become the iconic watch collection of the brand, known for its fine and refined jewelry creations but also for some unique watchmaking outcomes. Now, the Bulgari Octo Roma timepiece joins the actual Octo collection.  According to Bulgari, the fifth main pillar of its Octo family, the other four being the […]


Discover the Best Luxury Watches for Men

Timepieces | 18, Apr 2017

A luxury watch is a sign of status as well as a timepiece. In evaluating the top options, the primary characteristics you should consider are the brand, construction quality, features, style and complications, and price. It is not just shoes that make the man, it’s also his watch. Here are the top 10 luxury watches for men deserving checking […]


Piaget Polo S Timepiece By Piaget

Timepieces | 02, Mar 2017

If you know anything about Piaget, you know they are a serious and true manufacture with some notable achievements. From the ultra-thin 9P movement developed in 1957, to being one of the first major Swiss houses to use the Beta-21 movement, to their more recent ultra-slim introductions, they have a small but dedicated following among […]


5 Amazing Luxury Timepieces – From Ferrari to Cartier

Timepieces | 23, Feb 2017

Watches are a reflection of personal style. They represent more than just utility and are an example of taste, character and individual branding. A true reflection of one’s taste in accessories, finding the perfect watch is a top style priority for most. Whilst some great timepieces can be found at lower price points, an understanding of the top luxury […]


Luxury Watches – Fire Rooster Collection by Jaquet Droz

Timepieces | 28, Dec 2016

Author: Narciso Caetano Today Luxuy Safes blog brings you a comprehensive look at Fire Rooster Collection by Jaquet Droz designed to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year beginning on January 28, 2017. This year begins the year of the rooster, the tenth animal in the Chinese zodiac, that embodies all positive forces: civil virtue, combat […]


Ulysse Nardin’s ‘Year of the Rooster’ luxury watches

Timepieces | 20, Dec 2016

Author: Micael Carvalho  Luxurysafes blog will talk about exclusive luxury watches which can easily be calleed one of the best ideas as a Christmas present this year. Ulysse Nardine decided to launch to launch unique timepice with a a picture of rooster to symbolize the year 2017. Ulysse Nardin celebrates the rooster’s energetic panache with […]


MB&F Balthazar- Luxury watch with Dark Playful Twist

Timepieces | 14, Dec 2016

Author: João Matias Luxurysafes blog will share with you information about very luxury watch acssesory. MB&F puts a mean twist on time with the Balthazar table clock – although in fairness calling Balthazar a mere clock misses the point entirely. Ok, so MB&F is a Swiss luxury watch maker that was covered many times over […]