Top 10 Most Expensive Wine Brands in the World

Wine & Cigars | 04, May 2017

For wine connoisseurs, the charm lies in being ready to gather a distinct group of wines made from several grape varieties, regions and vintages. There is a certain luxury in getting different bottles, some of which are unique and very estimable. For some oenophiles, their compilation consists of popular wine labels. For others who can […]

Champagne WIJION – A Superb Sparkling Experience

Wine & Cigars | 09, Jan 2017

Today Luxury Safes talks about the best Portugal has to offer. We´ve already covered incredible Portuguese brands in luxury segment, such as Boca do Lobo and Luxxu, that take interior design and contemporary design into a different level. This time, we´re going to discover WIJION – the Portuguese champagne that has been highly acclaimed by its tremendous flavor. See […]

10 Exquisite Drinks We’ve Featured On Luxury Safes in 2016

Wine & Cigars | 04, Jan 2017

Luxury Safes has gathered 10 Exquisite Drinks We´ve Featured in 2016! The time has come to toast and be thankful for the passing year, with all those great memories and wonderful events that have made it special. So, gather your friends, family and close ones to enjoy only the most subtle, refined and incredible liquids unveiled […]

Penfolds Releases $142,000 Shiraz exclusive wine Bottle

Wine & Cigars | 23, Dec 2016

Luxurysafes blog will talk about wine today. Few days before Christmass it is worth to mention about exclusive wine, which can add the taste to the this special night. Thinking of picking up a bottle of wine for dinner on Christmass? It might be a good idea to give these bottles a wide berth as […]

The John Walker: Philip Lawson Johnston Limited Edition whiskey

Wine & Cigars | 15, Dec 2016

Luxurysafes blog will talk about limited edition whiskey by The John Walker. If you can’t resist special edition whisky bottles, you’re going to love The John Walker Philip Lawson Johnston Limited Edition – a series of limited hand-engraved creations of The John Walker. This one-time-only release is the product of a collaboration between John Walker […]


Wine & Cigars | 01, Dec 2016

Luxurysafes blog will talk today about tendencies in luxury spirits industry and what is the pattern of growth for the next few years. The US will be the main driver of the luxury spirits sector, growing in value from £2.5bn in 2010 to £4.9bn in 2020. The UK will have seen the value of its […]

Martell Cognac Fires Up regular perceptions

Wine & Cigars | 24, Nov 2016

Luxurysafes blog will talk about  new Martell House blend  cognac which will fire up the taste and regular perceptions. Made from the same emblematic blend as Martell Cordon Bleu (originally created by the House of Martell in 1912), Martell Cordon Bleu Intense Heat is a fascinating result of alchemy, combining wood and heat to make […]

Luxury Hennessy X.O by Tom Dixon

Wine & Cigars | 10, Nov 2016

Luxurysafes blog will take a closer look at another Hennessy X.O creation, since the beging this maison demonstrates the high quality and undoubt taste. Their cognac is not just a simple drink it is tradition and the secrets are passed from generation to generation, and with a modern touch to the bottle design the story is […]