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Discover the new Louis Vuitton Luggage

July 28, 2017

Do you find yourself longing for a golden age of travel, when men wore suits to fly First Class and women had leather carrying cases specifically designed for their hats? Find inspiration in Louis Vuitton‘s iconic historical trunks, which traditionally accumulated stickers from destinations across the globe. This luxury brand added a new service to their […]


The new Gold Jewelry Collection by VanLeles

July 27, 2017

This Autumn, Vania Leles will debut the Sahara Collection. This new line of 18-karat gold jewelry will help Women for Women International, an organization who helps women to have vital education and work opportunities in the West of Africa.   See also: Mikimoto – World Class Jewelry In 2011, before launching her luxury brand, Leles […]


10 Luxury Airlines in the World

July 26, 2017

One of the best parts about having expendable money has to be flying in style, in luxury airlines with fully reclining seats, champagne, gourmet food… Quality and personalized service on board are possible when you travel in this airlines. Committed to luxury for the long haul, the following airlines have taken off in popularity, thanks […]


Jewelry Design: Fresh Jewelry for Man

July 25, 2017

Actually, the accessories for men have expanded far beyond cufflinks and tie bars. The jewelry design for men going to be more and more sophisticated, with more details, for men with a sense of style who wants to show their luxury jewelry pieces. These five designers have been worked on their collection, experimenting new techniques with polished metals […]