Smoking is a hobby that is enjoyed by many people, regardless of gender, age, and social status. Cigars are usually associated to power and wealth and it goes without a say that they’re quite expensive indeed. Even though most other countries produce classic cigars, Cuban cigars without a doubt rank the highest in any list.

Nonetheless, it’s important to be aware that most of the products from Cuba are illegal in the US. Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive cigars in the world:

PADRON SERIE 1962 80 Years, $30.00

cigars cigars The Most Expensive Cigars 1

When Jose Orlando, the founder of this cigar manufacturing company hit 80 years, this series was released to honor him. It can be purchased in boxes, that contain eight cigars, or as a single stick from local shops.


cigars The Most Expensive Cigars 2

This is a renowned Cuban Cigar Brand that was launched in the 60s. It can be purchased in a box containing 25 cigars or a packet containing three cigars. Prices for the boxes range from $92 to over $750. The brand is produced in Havana, Cuba.

cigars The Most Expensive Cigars bl private collection 750

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cigars The Most Expensive Cigars 3

This cigar is usually available in boxes containing 10 sticks. The brand mix tobacco from several places, including Mexico and the Dominican Republic, to give the finished product a distinctive taste.

LOUIXS, $50.00

cigars The Most Expensive Cigars 4

This cigar has been labeled by critics as the finest that money can buy. Manufactured by the Goldwin Metropolitan Company, the cigar is usually sold as a single stick. It has a ring size of six inches.


cigars The Most Expensive Cigars 5

This cigar is definitely a collector’s item. It can rarely be found in local cigar shops due to its high demand. It seems that the cigar is designed to spark controversies.


cigars The Most Expensive Cigars 6

This cigar is usually made on order. In a single day, the company only produces approx 30 King of Denmark cigars. They’re normally wrapped using gold foil bearing the name of the client and they can also be personalized with a diamond, gold and silver crown for a cost of $4,500.


cigars The Most Expensive Cigars 7

This cigar was created in 2001 but was released seven years later in 2008. The president of the company, known as Carlito Fuente, created the cigar brand in memory of his father, known as Arturo.


cigars The Most Expensive Cigars 8

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cigars The Most Expensive Cigars 9

The Cohiba Behike measures 7.5 inches long and has a 52-inch ring size. It first hit the market in 2006 and the company only manufactured 100 pieces then. Currently, plans are underway to release different brands of the same cigar that will retail at cheaper prices.


cigars The Most Expensive Cigars 10