Hypnotic Poison Eau de Parfum is the ultimate Christian Dior‘s fragrance. A darker campaign is being used for its promotion and that’s impressing familiar costumers.


Inspired in the fabled forbidden fruit, Hypnotic Poison Eau de Parfum‘s is determined to show more of the feminine side. “Myths and fairy tales have evocative power built in our collective consciousness”, David Benattar, CEO of Antebellum, said in New York. “They’ve been used historically and successfully by luxury brands. One can think about Hermès and Cinderella, Cartier and the animal kingdom”, he said. “They help build the bridge between childhood and adulthood”.

erik-zwaga-geurengoeroe-hypnotic-poison-eau-secrete-detail-1 Dior Fragrance based on Fairy Tales Dior Fragrance based on Fairy Tales erik zwaga geurengoeroe hypnotic poison eau secrete detail 1


But, what’s the connection between the seductive campaign and those fairy tales? Is that the image of it shows a model with dark nail polish holding a bottle of Hypnotic Poison Eau de Parfum, just like a witch holding a poisoned apple, ready to give it to White Snow. The dark tones mistically represent the mistery and the will of grabbing the forbidden fuit, just like in Disney stories.

All this marketing campaign make this perfume unforgettable, just like those stories to us. That’s femininity on its most bright side.

 hypnotic-poison-dior Dior Fragrance based on Fairy Tales Dior Fragrance based on Fairy Tales hypnotic poison dior 720x463