Luxury tower provides residents with private pools on their balcony. Project by James Law Cybertecture.

Well-known architect, James Law, has designed the Bandra Ohm residential building in Mumbai, India. The concept looks stunning with its architectural structure representing ohm, a common ‘holy meditation’ symbol of Hinduism and also Buddhism.Mumbai - Luxury India  Mumbai - Luxury India  Mumbai – Luxury India  1084953 10151804503054083 1056900862 o

Bandra Ohm Residential Tower, this extraordinary building project takes interest from all over the world in India.

The most important feature of this building is to have a special glass made up pool in each room. Beyond this pool, every room has a green field. In this 140 meters environmentally friendly building, there are 37 floor and 200 rooms. At the same time being high is and advantage to stay away from environmental pollution.This Bandra Ohm Residential Tower named building is built in Mumbai by Wadhwa Group. The reason why the name Bandra Ohm Residential Tower is given to this project is being shaped of Ohm symbol. And there is a place in the building to make business meetings.


Mumbai - Luxury India  Mumbai - Luxury India  Mumbai – Luxury India  Bandra Ohm Residential Tower 2

Fluidity of modern apartment building design is captured in free shaped glass pools that adorn this modern residential design. Virtually rising 140 meters in the air over the ground, the Bandra Ohm Residential Tower offers contemporary living spaces inspired by the ripple effect.

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Apartment building design description by Indian architects

The ripple effect usually generates a vortex-like space in the center. The tower design is trying to recapture the essence of this space by creating a large void in the middle along with a special designed clubhouse form.

With approximately 30 storeys of residential units, Bandra Ohm aims to provide a luxurious living environment and experience to the residents.

Mumbai - Luxury India  Mumbai - Luxury India  Mumbai – Luxury India  a luxury condo in india will have a private swimming pool on every balcony